Scientists Set to Determine The Best Treatment for Dental Decay

Posted on 11th July 2013 in General dentistry

A new research study has launched to identify the ultimate way to treat dental decay. The FiCTION study, which will involve more than 1,400 children from all over the UK, is being led by researchers at leading universities. More than fifty dental practices from all over the country have signed up to the research study [...]

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What you should know about cosmetic dentistry ?

Posted on 1st July 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry

There are few things that are more important for self-confidence than a dazzling smile. For someone who has a lackluster smile that they want to improve further, choosing a great cosmetic dentist is the key. A great cosmetic dentist is well-organized and very knowledgeable about their craft. It’s important to ask the dentist anything that [...]

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What Food is Healthy for your Teeth?

Posted on 15th April 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry, General dentistry

Since mouth is the gateway for the food to enter the body, an individual’s diet play a very important role in his dental health. Eating food that is good for your teeth is just as effective as doing the regular brushing and flossing. It not just helps maintaining a healthy shape and appearance but the [...]

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Smoking- Its bad effects on dental health

Posted on 6th April 2013 in General dentistry

When a person talks about smoking, they immediately think about the bad effects it has on a person’s health. Smoking affects the overall health of the smoker but to be more specific, smoking severely affects the dental health of a person. Here are some of the many, many ill-effects smoking has on a person’s dental [...]

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Most Common Gum Diseases

Posted on 6th April 2013 in General dentistry

When it comes to taking care of you oral health, gums are just as important as your grinders. In order to attain a brighter and a happy smile, caring for both gums and teeth is very important. The gum diseases may get a lot serious if one does not treat it right on time; not [...]

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What Questions to Ask from your Cosmetic Dentist ?

Posted on 5th April 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry

Once you realize that you need to consult a cosmetic dentist for getting a smile makeover, you must learn all there is to learn about every single possibility regarding the outcome. The dentists will examine your condition, solve your confusions, listen to everything that you require and in the end, will suggest you the treatment [...]

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Kids And Their Oral Health

Posted on 26th March 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry

Kids between the age of 2 to 5 are being affected by tooth decay today more than ever. The number of children with dental cavities is increasing day by day. The case is even worse for the kids slightly older than that; there was at least one cavity found among the 50% of the American [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry – Bring Your Confident Smile Back!

Posted on 17th March 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry

Having even a minute flaw in your physical appearance is enough to kill your confidence and make you feel self-conscious. Whether you are a man or a womana, the poor oral health can be a huge turn-off. Many people suffer from common dental conditions that make their teeth look unattractive. Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry, there [...]

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5 Tips for a Brighter Smile

Posted on 9th March 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry

Brighter and whiter smile is something that everybody desires. A beatiful-sparkly smile is not at all hard to achieve; Fortunately the latest advancements have given us plenty of options both low and high-tech to help look prettier with an attractive smile. There are numerous things individuals can do themselves for the basic cosmetic fixes like [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry and its Benefits

Posted on 5th March 2013 in Uncategorized

Since a person’s teeth have a huge significance in defining his entire appearance, having a perfect set is an essential. A lot of people go through various procedures that help them improve their smile. The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance of one’s teeth that include fixing crooked, broken, chipped and/or [...]

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